10 Of The Most Obese People

 Here are 10 cases of morbid obesity that will make you go WTF!  

10) Paul Mason – 444 kgs

Most Obese People To Ever Exist In Human History

The world’s former most obese man, Paul was only able to walk after multiple weight-loss and skin-removal surgeries made him lose a staggering 304kgs. His most recent surgery to remove 27 kgs of loose skin was conducted successfully last year. As of now, the man weighs around 140-150 kgs.

9) José Luis Garza – 449 kgs

Most Obese People To Ever Exist In Human History

At the time of his death, Garza held the not-so-desired title of the heaviest man on earth. Extreme unhealthy eating habits and a fatal dependence on sugar took Garza’s life in 2008 after he was bedridden for over 6 months. 

8) Rosalie Bradford – 477 kgs

Most Obese People To Ever Exist In Human History

Hooked to binge eating, Rosalie started gaining weight after her marriage. A blood infection landed her in a hospital and whatsoever little exercise she did, was put on hold. Her weight shot up and she soon found herself to be the heaviest woman on earth. She remained immobile for 8 long years.

7) Patrick Deuel – 486 kgs

Most Obese People To Ever Exist In Human History

Subject of the much popular documentary ‘Half Ton Man’, Deuel was bedbound for as long as 7 years in a row. He got so obese that his bedroom wall had to be destroyed to pull him out. Even the ambulance he was carried in was custom-made. After multiple gastric bypass surgeries, Deuel lost a massive amount of weight. 

6) Michael Hebranko – 499 kgs

Most Obese People To Ever Exist In Human History

An extreme case of morbid obesity, Hebranko held the world record for losing approximately 400kgs in 1990. The weight loss was short-lived though and his weight again shot up to 453 kgs in the coming years.  

5)  Walter Hudson – 543 kgs

The most infamously iconic example of lack of exercising and living on junk food is Walter Hudson. As a result of reckless eating, Walter weighed 100kgs by the time he was 12.  He once told the doctors that he spent most of his waking time by eating junk food. His typical breakfast was composed of 32 link sausages, a pound of bacon, a dozen eggs, a loaf of bread with grape jelly and a pot of coffee. 

4) Carol Yager – 544 kgs

One of the most obese women ever recorded, Carol was as much as 5-feet wide.  Her room’s door was custom-built so she wouldn’t get stuck, and her room’s window had to be taken down to retrieve her dead body. 

3) Manuel Uribe – 597 kgs

Popularly known as the man who suffered from obesity to one of the worst extents known in recorded history, Manuel reached close to 600 kgs  and was immobile for as long as 10 years. Even after losing a massive 300 kgs, the man died of liver and heart failure while weighing over 350 kgs. 

2) Khalid Bin Mohsen Shaari – 610 kgs

The fattest man in recent human history, Shaari is still only in his late teens. After not having left his house for over 2 years, the Saudi Arabian boy was ordered by King Abdullah to be removed from his home. It was done by taking the doors off his room, extracting him out of his house by a forklift machine and, ultimately, transporting him to the hospital via helicopters.

1) Jon Brower Minnoch – 640 kgs

The heaviest human to ever walk our planet was Jon Brower. Some say that he went well past the 700 kg mark but this was never officially confirmed. He became morbidly obese because he was suffering from generalized edema in which cells retain extracellular fluid. He also lost as much as 450 kgs, the highest weight loss ever documented.


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