The Top 10 most dangerous places on earth!

One thing you cannot deny that the earth possesses is the capacity to blow your mind when it comes to beauty.   

The good and the terrible, the beautiful and the ugly, the positive and the negative, and the beauty and the beast are all examples of how almost everything on earth lives in pairs.

#1 Death Valley

Death Valley Badlands Panoramic View Sunset

The Death Valley in California, which is number one on your list, has a very hot climate. It is known as one of the world’s hottest locations. From around 1849 to 1850, a group of travelers lost their lives in this valley, due to which it has got its name. People cannot tolerate the extreme heat in this place.

#2 Snake Island

Snake Island, as one of the most dangerous places on earth, has been described by some as the ”Mecca of venomous snakes”. According to legend, the snakes were brought to the island by pirates who hid their wealth there and used the snakes as guards against trespassers who might be interested in the gold. This island is home to more than 4,000 species of snakes.

#3 Oymyakon, Russia

Experiencing the most extreme climatic changes Oymyakon is also added to our list of most dangerous places. It is a small Russian village. Living in this extreme heat is a nightmare. The temperature in this location can fall as low as -40 degrees Celsius. People do not want to live or visit here due to the extremely low temperatures or the inability to grow any veggies or other foods.

#4 Syria

You are advised not to visit Syria because it is so dangerous there. There is no guarantee of security as security concerns continue to increase.  In Syria, terrorist attacks are common, military conflict affects security, chemical weapons are being used, and protests which turn to violent demonstrations are high.

#5 Danakil Desert

There is almost zero breathable air in the Danakil desert. This indicates that a trip to the Danakil desert may be extremely harmful to health, even fatal in some situations. The Danakil desert is also considered one of the hottest places on the earth, as the temperature can get high up to 55 degrees.

#6 North Sentinel Island

The tribal people of this island live within their traditional boundaries and they are not used to people like us, making it one of the strangest locations on earth. Therefore, if any strangers ever come to this place, they will feel threatened and may even attack people.

#7 North Korea

If you are planning a visit to North Korea, I strongly suggest that you read this first before affirming and confirming your decision to take a trip to North Korea. Curiosity will most likely get you killed in North Korea, and you can be expelled from the country if you ask too many questions or step out of line. You’ll be kept an eye on. Telephones, fax machines, and hotel rooms are all under surveillance. Your tour guide receives your passport when you arrive in North Kora and keeps it for security purposes.

#8 Skeleton Coast

It has got its name due to its harsh climatic conditions. The weather, hot winds, heat storms, lack of food and water make it an unsuitable place for survival. The animals which land on this place in search of food and water end up losing their lives so it is called the skeleton coast.

#9 Gates of Hell

One of the largest natural gas reserves in the world is located near the Gates of Hell. Scientists set it on fire to stop the spread of methane gas. It has been burning since 1971. It was named the Gates of Hell by locals, which refers to the explosion, boiling mud, and orange flames in large water. 

#10 The Death Road

It is claimed that this road is extremely dangerous because it is foggy, narrow, and prone to landslides, falling cliffs, and waterfalls. Accidents happen every year. Will you travel this way? Just be careful—not everyone has succeeded in getting there.


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