Top 10 thinnest persons in the world

The causes of their thinness vary, and some of them may have underlying medical conditions. It is important to seek professional help if you are concerned about your weight or the weight of someone you know.

1. Elizabeth Ann Velasquez

Elizabeth Ann Velasquez was born on March 13, 1989). She is an American motivational speaker and author who was born with a rare condition called Lipodystrophy, which prevents her body from storing fat. She weighs only 29 kilograms (64 pounds) and has a BMI of 6. She is the most well-known person with this condition.

2. Valeria Levitin

Valeria Levitin (born 1983) is a Russian model and blogger who has been diagnosed with anorexia nervosa. She weighed only 25 kilograms (55 pounds) at her lowest weight. She has since regained some weight, but she is still very thin.

3. Ana Carolina Reston

Ana Carolina Reston (born 1982, died 2006) was a Brazilian model who died of anorexia at the age of 22. She weighed only 40 kilograms (88 pounds) at the time of her death.

4. Isabella Caro

Isabella Caro (born 1982, died 2010) was an Italian model and actress who was diagnosed with anorexia nervosa at the age of 16. She died of the condition at the age of 28. She weighed only 27 kilograms (60 pounds) at the time of her death.

5. Kristina Karyagina

Kristina Karyagina survives on fruits like bananas and apples. The anorexic woman from Russia cannot have a full meal and has accustomed her body to tiny pieces of food. The 30-year-old changed her dieting pattern in high school. She ultimately refused to eat wholesome meals, which has made her lose weight at an abnormal rate. At 17 kg, 30-year-old Kristina has the average weight of a five-year-old.

6. Tom Staniford

Tom Staniford (born 1989) is a British cyclist who has a rare condition called Multisystem Protein Pyruvate Dehydrogenase Deficiency (MDP). This condition prevents his body from storing fat. He weighs only 35 kilograms (77 pounds).

7. Jeremy Gilitzer

Jeremy Gilitzer (born 1986) is a German model who has been diagnosed with anorexia nervosa. He weighed only 33 kilograms (73 pounds) at his lowest weight. He has since regained some weight, but he is still very thin.

8. Cathie Jung

Cathie Jung rocked tabloid headlines as the Corset queen during her prime. Her obsession with wearing a corset started during her wedding in 1959. This marked the beginning of a new world for Cathy, as she remained skinny throughout. Cathie Jung remains one of the most notable skinny people in the world. At 85 years old, Cathie prides herself as one of the women with the tiniest waists in the world, weighing just 43 kilograms.

9. Michele Koebke

Michele Koebke fancied being skinny, so she started having a corset throughout the day. Despite being warned that wearing a corset full-time may harm her organs, Michele never stopped. As a result, the 24-year-old German woman weighs a few kilograms short of 40 kg, takes tiny meals multiple times daily, and has a 15 cm waistline.

10. Luisel Ramos

Luisel Ramos (born 1984, died 2006) was a Uruguayan model who died of anorexia at the age of 22. She weighed only 32 kilograms (71 pounds) at the time of her death.


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