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Why do some people go bald?

In other cases, hair loss is not related to age, but to other triggers.  Once the trigger is removed, some of these effects are reversible, and normal hair growth returns. Other factors can be reversed without medical help. The following are the main reasons of hair loss:

1) Stress

Can lead to a variety of health issues, but hair loss is frequently one of the earliest signs of stress. Unfortunately, losing your hair can often cause stress and can make the problem worse.

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2) Poor Diet

Hair loss may also be caused by a poor diet that lacks key nutrients for healthy hair growth.

A diet lacking sufficient protein, the main component of hair, can inhibit follicle growth.

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3) Smoking

damages the hair follicle by decreasing the amount of oxygen and raising the level of carbon monoxide in the blood supply to the scalp.

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4) Hormonal imbalances

can trigger temporary hair loss. Thyroid hormone imbalances cause hair loss and in women, hair loss before and after childbirth and menopause is due to dropping estrogen levels.

5) Skin conditions

Like eczema, skin infections, and trauma can also harm the skin and cause fever, anemia, and hair loss.

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6) Genetics

is by far the most frequent cause of baldness and hair loss. About 90% of men and women who have hair loss the cause is related to changing hormone levels, a trait that is inherited from your parents. 

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This type of hair loss is called androgenetic alopecia and occurs in a distinctive pattern (also known as male pattern hair loss or male pattern baldness) that can begin any time after puberty and becomes progressively more noticeable with age.


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