Why do kids hate vegetables?

Lack of Exposure

The most common reason kids hate vegetables is that they don’t know what they’re missing. If you haven’t introduced your kids to the wonderful world of vegetables, they might not even realize how delicious they can be. As a parent, it’s up to you to show them that there’s nothing wrong with eating a salad or a green bean (or whatever vegetable you want them to eat).

The best way to get a kid to eat their vegetables is to ensure they are exposed to them early on. Most kids don’t start eating vegetables until about age 2 or 3, so if you want your kids to love veggies, start exposing them early!

Bitter Taste

Kids are super into the sweet and salty flavors, and that’s totally fine! But sometimes vegetables have a bitter taste to them, and kids don’t like that. The good news? The more you eat veggies, the less unpleasant they’ll taste.

But if your kid just won’t eat them, don’t worry—there are plenty of ways to get around this (like mixing them with other foods or cooking them differently). Just keep trying!

Children are Allergic

Vegetables contain vitamins and minerals, but that doesn’t mean they’re for everyone. Some kids are allergic to certain veggies, making it hard to eat vegetables. It’s best to find out if your child is allergic to any vegetables before you try to get them to eat them.


One of the things kids don’t like about vegetables is the texture. It’s a little crunchy, a little mushy, and not always the same from one vegetable to another.

If you’re trying to get your kids to eat more vegetables, try serving them with different textures. Mixing them with smooth foods such as yogurt or cottage cheese is a great way to add variety and make them more appealing.

Consumed by Force

It’s not a secret that many kids don’t like vegetables. And honestly, who can blame them? If you’re forced to eat something you don’t like and have no choice in the matter, it will make you hate it even more.

Don’t try too hard to get your kids to eat vegetables. If you don’t know why they’re not eating them, try giving them a little snack with some veggies. Instead, try positive reinforcement. If you praise your kids for eating vegetables, they’re more likely to want to try and eat them!

Poor Quality & Preparation

The quality and preparation of vegetables can impact your kid’s feelings about them. If you’re buying the cheapest veg you can find, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Make sure the veggies are fresh and look appealing. Serve them with a dressing or sauce that complements their flavor, and don’t forget to season them with salt.

Fresh veggie salad in bowls


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