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Why do people drink alcohol?

All human behavior has a motivation behind it – something that makes them do the things they do. So what’s the reason people drink? Here are the reasons why people drink alcohol.

Businessman smokes cigarette and drinks alcohol

Dealing with Stress

For some people, drinking alcohol is a way of handling stress, or at least that’s what they believe. Alcohol numbs them to the various stressors in their lives, such as work problems, issues in school, relationships, money, conflicts and so on.

A businessman drinking alcohol to relieve depressed and stressed with problems in his life.

But, ironically, the problems people are trying to deal with by drinking alcohol only get compounded when they drink. Moreover, they can develop more and bigger problems, such as alcoholism.

Peer Pressure

Many people begin to drink just because the people around them are drinking – and they feel an indirect pressure to ‘fit in’. They feel obligated to join the crowd and not get left out.

There are also occasions when individuals feel direct pressure – someone at a party pushes a drink in your face or ridicules you for not drinking.

For Fun

Fun is associated with drinking; people tend to drink alcohol in order to have “fun”. Getting drunk makes them feel “happy” and “spirited,”. Drinking alcohol with friends can be a fun experience, especially for people who are not too confident in social situations.

Multiracial friends having fun drinking beer together at terrace bar.

Drinking alcohol makes such persons more sociable, confident, uninhibited and capable of enhanced interactions. The truth is that some of these people begin to develop dependence and cannot operate socially without alcohol and as the addiction progresses they actually begin to lose friends.


Alcohol intake compromises your inhibitions. It makes the individual feel brave, carefree and super-confident. It allows them to do things they otherwise would not do while sober. However, this may lead to some risky and dangerous behaviour.


In youth, a person may begin to drink alcohol as an ‘experiement’. There is a curiousity to satiate – kids and teenagers want to experience what it feels like to drink and get drunk. The risk, of course, is that some of these individuals get hooked and jeopardize their future.

Whatever your reason for drinking, be aware that there is a difference between casual drinking, and abusive drinking. Some persons cannot drink normally and these individuals have a high chance of developing alcoholism.

Homeless Alcoholism Woman Drinking Alcohol Sitting on The Floor

Alcoholism is a deadly disease that destroys families, careers, and ultimately kills the alcoholic. Hope Trust provides safe, effective and confidential treatment through its rehabilitation program.


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