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What Is the Total Number of Songs in the World? (2022)

Hundreds of millions of songs have been recorded and are stored in online music databases.

It’s difficult to know the exact figure, since it relies on how we define a song.

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A song, by definition, is a brief piece of music that includes both melody and vocals, though there are also instrumental songs.

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Before we get into the numbers, it’s important to remember that the term’songs’ encompasses more than only original music.


As we all know, many cover versions of songs have their own recordings and have done fairly well on their own, even surpassing the original version in some cases.

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There are also remastered versions of songs, such as The Beatles‘ “Yesterday,” which would be considered new songs.

Not to mention the numerous “live versions” that have appeared on records, CDs, vinyl, and other formats.

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We also can’t rule out’remixes.’ With all of this in mind, the globe should have an enormous number of songs.

The first thing that comes up on Google when you search for this question is 97 million songs.

Spotify, on the other hand, has a library of 82 million songs.

However, according to Gracenote, there are more than 200 million songs available till 2018, thus the current figure should be greater.

While many of us have wondered and asked, “How many songs are there in the world?” the truth is that we will never truly know; all we can do is look at the statistics and see what the findings are from various platforms such as Spotify, Gracenote, and others.

With so many songs being released every day, determining the total number of songs in the world is a near-impossible process.

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But first, let’s take a look at some of the numbers from the web and other platforms.


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