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What Fruits Are Blue?


Blueberries are very tasty blue fruits loaded with rich nutrients. They are low on calories and rich in fiber. Most importantly, these fruits come with some of the most essential micronutrients like Vitamin C, K and manganese.


Blueberries also come loaded with anthocyanins that help protect your cells from free radicals. Simply said, these are antioxidants that can safeguard your DNA from radical damage.


Blackberries actually are not black. They are deep blue fruits loaded with a lot of essential nutrients. A small cup of blackberries offers the daily requirement of Vitamin C, manganese, fiber and vitamin K. Blackberries are packed with fructose and glucose but lesser calories, which makes them ideal for diabetic patients.

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Blue Figs

Blue figs have a pink pulp on the inner and a sweet taste. These fruits offer rich nutrition that aids digestion, promotes heart health and balances sugar levels in the blood. Figs are also low in calories, so you can make them a part of your regular diet.

They are loaded with Vitamin B6 as well as copper. While Copper aids metabolism, energy production, blood cells and connective tissue formation, Vitamin B6 is good for brain health.


Elderberry is a blue-hued fruit that also comes with a light purple shade. The fruit is known to boost your immune system and help recover from illnesses such as cold and flu.

Concord Grapes

Concord grapes are widely popular and can be eaten raw. These purple-blue hued fruits are also used to make jams, juices and wine. Concord grapes are rich in useful antioxidants, in fact these fruits have a higher percentage of the good plant compounds when compared to the red and green grapes.

Black Currants

Black currants are delicious fruits with a deep blue hue. These blue objects are used in dietary supplements while they can be eaten the way you like, raw, dried or in the form of juices and jams. Black currants are rich in vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant.

Damson Plums

Damson Plums are blue fruits that are widely used in jams. In most parts of the world, these blue fruits are also dried to make prunes.

Blue Tomatoes

Also called as Indigo Rose or Purple Tomatoes, blue tomatoes are rich in anthocyanins. In fact, it is this content that gives off the blue hue for this fruit. Foods with loads of anthocyanins help reduce inflammation, promote eye health besides protecting against certain heart ailments.

Passion Fruit

Passion fruit is a unique fruit with multiple nutritional and medicinal benefits. If you are looking for a healthy and tasty fruit to incorporate into your regular diet, the passion fruit is for you. The tasty fruit is rich in Vitamin C, fiber, Iron, Potassium and vitamin A.


Juneberries are moderately sweet and their flavor is described as being like almond and cherry. Don’t expect this fruit to give you an explosion of raspberry sweetness. These fruits contain rich antioxidants, Vitamin C, Manganese, Calcium and Potassium. Juneberries have antiviral properties and are anti-inflammatory.


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