Top 5 WTF Things About Our Human Body

Dust to Dust

Tired of dusting?

You may have yourself to blame.

Human skin cells make up about 70% of the dust in your house. Every year, you lose about 1.5 pounds of dead skin. That is around 3 1/2 cups of sugar.

Follow your gut

partial view of woman holding paper made large intestine on grey background

Your intestines are approximately 25 feet long from end to end. Over 20 feet long, your small intestine is quite long. Your large intestine is also wider all around but only reaches 5 feet in length.

Dirty Mouth

Little laughing child with a dirty face

You might think twice before kissing. In one mouth alone, the number of bacteria can easily exceed the number of people on Earth.  Bacteria are temporarily scared off by brushing and flossing, and some drown in the 2 liters of spit you make each day.  That will fill a large soda bottle.  But your mouth could never be considered “clean.”  

Face: The Facts

Warning: Your skin might crawl as you read this. There are invisible bugs living on your face. On your face, these eight-legged mites reproduce, mate, lay eggs, hatch, and repeat.  Your hairline, eye sockets, and lashes are favorite hiding places. When we scrub, some of these mites fall into the drain. However, if they become out of hand, they may result in infections of the eyes or skin.

Sweat It Out

Close up of sweating water drop on face asian woman.

Your nerves send signals to open millions of glands, allowing perspiration to flow, when you become hot or lose your cool.  It pools by your armpits, palms, feet, head, and private parts.  Germs immediately join because they enjoy swimming. Sweat doesn’t smell bad on its own. It’s the bacteria that mix with it.


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