The Most Followed Person on Facebook in 2024

In the age of social media, where likes, shares, and followers are the currency of popularity, Facebook stands tall as one of the most influential platforms.

But who is the most followed person on Facebook in 2024?

Let’s take a look at the top ten accounts that dominate the platform.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo – 168 Million Followers

Cristiano Ronaldo takes the crown as the king of Facebook followers in 2024, boasting an impressive 168 million strong fan base. The renowned football legend continues to score big not only on the field but also in the digital realm, making him the undisputed leader on Facebook.

2. Shakira – 124 Million Followers

Shaking things up on the second spot is the sensational Shakira, captivating a massive 124 million followers. Her global appeal and musical prowess have secured her a prominent place in the hearts and Facebook feeds of millions worldwide.

3. Will Smith – 116 Million Followers

The Fresh Prince himself, Will Smith, claims a solid third position with 116 million devoted followers. From the big screen to the small screens in our hands, Will Smith’s charismatic presence resonates strongly in the world of Facebook.

4. Lionel Messi – 116 Million Followers

Sharing the spotlight with Will Smith is football maestro Lionel Messi, also boasting an impressive 116 million followers. Messi’s skillful moves extend beyond the soccer pitch, capturing the admiration of fans across the social media landscape.

5. Vin Diesel – 106 Million Followers

Revving up the Facebook charts is none other than Vin Diesel, cruising with a cool 106 million followers. The Fast and Furious star accelerates into the hearts of fans, solidifying his position as a Facebook heavyweight.

6. Rihanna – 104 Million Followers

Rihanna, the music and fashion icon, graces the sixth spot with a whopping 104 million followers. Her influence extends far beyond the stage, making her a force to be reckoned with in the Facebook realm.

7. Eminem – 95 Million Followers

The rap god Eminem secures the seventh spot with an impressive 95 million followers. His lyrical genius and enduring appeal continue to resonate with fans, earning him a spot among Facebook’s elite.

8. Neymar – 92 Million Followers

On the eighth spot, football sensation Neymar scores big with 92 million followers. The Brazilian star’s on-field magic translates seamlessly to the digital world, capturing the attention and support of fans globally.

9. Justin Bieber – 91 Million Followers

Pop sensation Justin Bieber shares the eighth position with Neymar, also amassing 92 million followers. Bieber’s musical journey unfolds on Facebook, where fans eagerly follow his every note and update.

10. Selena Gomez – 89 Million Followers

Closing the top 10 is the talented Selena Gomez, with 89 million followers. The multi-talented artist and actress continue to enchant fans with her charm and artistry, making her a prominent figure in the Facebook landscape.


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