The best “Back to Work” Memes!

1. Back to work might be socially awkward

2. When was the last time you set your alarm?

back to work after vacation meme

3. Short, Tall, Grande, Venti, Venti++

get back to work meme

4. Supreme leader AKA Your Boss is asking you to get back to office

back to work after quarantine meme

5. Volunteering back to work

back to work memes funny

6. Precious, precious…

7. It’s been ages since you stepped your foot in office

8. Dan Ariely Propaganda

9. Upskill you kids to help you out with your work

back to work crying meme

10. No more zoom classes

back to school work meme

11. No more Afternoon naps

minions back to work meme

12. Can’t switch off your screen now, can you?

back to work meme covid

13. No luxury of mute button in offline meeting

back to office memes

14. It’ll be tough to get back to office

going back to office memes

15. This meme is on point

back to work memes 2022

16. No more pajamas

17. 5 mins in, contemplation starts

back to the work grind memes

18. How many times will you think of quitting your job in a day?

funny back to work monday memes

19. Micromanagers, micromanagers everywhere

back to work after lockdown memes

20. Micromanagers, micromanagers everywhere again

back to office covid


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