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Top 5 websites that feels illegal to know!

Here are the Top 5 websites that are illegal!

1. TinyWow

Download free versions of the tools you would normally pay for. Contains free versions of: Adobe Acrobat Pro (PDF editor), Photoshop

2. Jenni AI

An AI auto-writing tool that composes emails and essays for you. Just give it a title and few phrases, and you’re done.

3. Temp-Mail

Temp-mail offers you with a temporary email address and inbox to help you sign up for a website and prevent future spam.

4. Loom

A great little tool that allows you to record your screen and yourself at the same time, so you can explain things just the way you want to.

5. Remove BG

A crazy tool that lets you remove the background from your image and replace it with any background you like.

Hope this helps!


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