The best “Back to School” Memes!

1. Laugh at your own misery 

This cute kid crying image with a witty one-liner will make your kids laugh at their own misery. It is a perfect meme to warm your kids about going back to school. 

2. Alert! Alert! It’s school time

Alert your kids with this back-to-school meme and inform them to organize their calendars with a new school schedule. 

3. Emotions around the year 

Share this every month expression meme with your child and have a great laugh with them.

4. Are you excited? 

5. Pump your kids

With this meme, you can make the first day of school entertaining for your little people.

6. Forgot to do homework 

Does your kid often forget to do homework? This meme can help you remind them to always do homework on time. 

Homework summer school memes

7. Do your homework now!

When you see your kids chatting with their friends instead of doing homework, don’t yell at them. Just send them this wise and sarcastic meme. 

Yoda homework school memes

8. It’s so unfair 

Understand your kids’ homework issues to motivate them to do their homework on time. 

Teacher test grading school memes

9. Summer vacation homework? 

Are your kids bummed about getting loads of homework for summer vacations? This meme can help you cheer them up!

Summer vacation school memes

10. Homework is fun 

You can bond with your teenagers using this hilarious and extremely relatable school meme. 

Kevin Hart first day in school memes


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