Why Do British People Have Bad Teeth?

British people have been subjected to jokes due to their bad teeth. It is evident in both casual jokes and media portrayals. American actors are likelier than their British counterparts to bleach and straighten their teeth, whereas British characters are frequently depicted on television with faded smiles and damaged teeth.

According to Grin! the stereotype was probably down to aesthetics. Brits maintain their oral hygiene but aren’t concerned about the color of their teeth because pearly white teeth don’t equate to healthy teeth.

Tulleken, a British doctor and T.V. presenter told Radio Times magazine that Brits aren’t bothered with their brown and foul teeth. He also acknowledged that the dental standards in the country were globally infamous.

Lance Knight, a dentist from Manchester, told BBC that cosmetic dentistry is popular in the United States to people who want to have perfect rows of shiny white teeth like the Osmonds and the Kennedys.

In the U.K., patients reportedly visit dentists for cleaning and some straightening. However, they still want to maintain their teeth’s natural look.

Knight said that 90% of his cosmetic dentistry customers wanted to improve their “smiles,” while only the remaining 10% wanted to achieve brilliant white teeth as seen on reality T.V.s, which are influenced by the American aesthetic.

In the United States, as opposed to the United Kingdom, procedures like tooth whitening and orthodontics are more often used. Only 3% of British citizens whitened their teeth compared to 14% of Americans, per Grin!

However, private dental care spending in the U.K. indicates that the British may be catching up. According to market research firm Mintel, the spending for cosmetic dental work in Britain has increased by 27% since 2010.

Knight seemingly agreed, even calling Tulleken’s comments out of date. According to him, people in the U.K. now want their teeth to look better.

British People Teeth Are Better

According to dental experts, more and more Brits are now conscious of the appearance of their teeth. London dentist Uchenna Okoye believed this was due to media and beauty pages featuring teeth and toothpaste on the cover. It was reportedly not the case years ago.

Whether we like it or not, we are beauty-driven, Okoye said. As a result, people have become increasingly interested in teeth due to makeover shows and celebrity news, and the health and appearance of their teeth naturally become a focus.

Female dentist and patient with opened mouth

According to Okoye, she encountered a lot of patients who came to her after they were posted to the United States or had big deals there because they had been warned that they wouldn’t be taken seriously if they didn’t fix their smiles. American culture compares it to grooming on a personal level, Okoye added. The expert admitted that she got into cosmetic dentistry because she got tired of Americans making fun of British teeth.


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