Why can’t women put on mascara with their mouth closed?

We may have different ~rituals~ when it comes to applying our makeup, but we all have one thing in common: We just *can’t* seem to close our mouths whenever we put on mascara.

It got me thinking, “What is it about swiping a pigment-coated wand on our lashes that makes us feel like we have to open our mouth?” Does it really help the product go on better or is it just one of the many beauty quirks we all do unconsciously? Body language expert Blanca Cobb gave POPSUGAR.

According to Blanca, “The open mouth phenomenon is a subconscious action. You don’t realize that you’re doing it.” Other than wanting to score the perfect application, we also try to avoid getting product anywhere other than our lashes.

“Two different nerves control the muscles that open and close your mouth and upper eyelids, and those nerves are located close together on your body.” This is why our mouths seem to *automatically* hang low when trying to keep our peepers open.

It’s also a reinforced behavior, so it can be tough to unlearn it (unless you train yourself to keep it shut every time you catch yourself slack-jawed). Good to know, I guess!


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