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Why Do Women Have Long Hair?

More often than not, women wear their hair long, and while some do it for biblical reasons, the majority have their own personal reasons.

Here are some of the most common reasons why women wear their hair long:

Enhance Beauty

Long hair is an accessory that can make you look or feel more beautiful. There’s something about having long hair flowing down your back or swaying in the wind as you strut down the street.

Just ask anyone who’s tried hair extensions for the first time or made the choice to grow out their hair – long hair makes you feel like a million bucks.

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We are not saying that women who done short haircuts and styles are unattractive, but rather that long hair enhances any given woman’s beauty. Perhaps it’s because long hair frames the face, enhancing any woman’s facial features.

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Note: It’s not uncommon to see men with long hair in today’s times. Long haired men can be found wearing dreadlocks, afro, and many different long straight hairstyle. It’s also common for mean to wear long beards nowadays.

Styling Capabilities

Most, if not all, women love to try out new hairstyles. Unfortunately, with short hair, it’s not always possible.

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On the other hand, long hair allows you to try out virtually any hairstyle, from roller sets to half-up-half-down styles, braided styles, and more. This makes long hair desirable to most women.

Attention from Men

The majority of men state that they prefer women with long hair. It’s been documented in various polls and studies.

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According to a poll conducted by the Daily Mail, more than 55% of men indicated that they prefer women with long hair. Ever since women have found out that most men prefer longer hair, many of them have considered wearing long hair to catch the right guy’s eye.

A Luxurious Appearance

Long extension hair is synonymous with luxury and confidence – let us explain. Reality stars and celebrities are often seen wearing super-long extensions to show out.

The male hand holds sections of hair for extension.

And, especially in the United States, everyday women have followed suit, wearing super long, sleek extensions to look super glam while out with the girls or at an exclusive event. This is one of the biggest reasons why younger women in their 20s and 30s wear their hair long or try extensions.

Cover Insecurities

Long hair has the power to catch anyone’s attention, and when styled in a certain way, it can even draw attention away from facial imperfections and certain insecurities. So, on those days when you’re not feeling your best, long hair can act as a pick-me-up.

Sex Appeal

Women with long, flowy hair are thought to be sexy. In popular media, like movies and TV shows, when a man and a woman kiss, the guy runs his fingers through her hair, and the woman’s hair falls seductively over her face.

Also, men like to play in a woman’s long hair just as a sign of affection. So, if a woman wants to feel sexy or exude sex appeal, growing long hair is one way to do it.


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