What does a yellow aura, mean?

Do You Have A Yellow Aura?

Here’s What It Says About You:

Your personality can be better understood by reading your aura, which can also reveal how you process energy. Understanding your yellow aura can reveal a lot about who you are. It is a powerful energy.

What does a yellow aura mean, then?

A yellow aura shows that the person is a powerful influencer and energy amplifier. Yellow has a vibration of creativity, optimism, vitality, and resonates with spiritual growth.  

People with yellow auras walk to the beat of their own drum.  They are confident in themselves and will rarely change their outlook to please others.  However, yellow can make individuals feel intimidated, which makes people frequently sense competitive energy towards yellow auras.

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This confidence gives them a magnetic quality. Yellow is a powerful color, and the effect that it has on its environment changes depending on the context. Wait, before you go, here are three cool things about having a yellow aura.

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How do yellow auras handle love & relationships?

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All in all, having a yellow aura is a good sign for your love and relationships. This aura is very warm and social, and these people won’t have a hard time getting dates, and even partners, throughout their life.

How do they fare professionally & financially?

According to Lee, those with yellow auras are very sociable and natural born leaders. Couple that with their high levels of energy and gift for motivating others, and you have someone who can make waves in their chosen workplace.

How to interact with someone with a yellow aura.

You’re in for a treat if you find yourself in the company of someone who has a yellow aura—or at least, you think they do! These individuals are typically delightful to be around, and given their love of socializing, they’re probably enjoying being around you, too.

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A person with a yellow aura is the best person to discuss a certain topic with if you ever want to get into a deep discussion. They will enjoy the chance to brainstorm and exchange concepts while lightening the atmosphere with their wit and sense of humor.


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