Why Do Birds Poop on Cars?

Do birds poop on cars on purpose? Like humans, releasing waste from the body is a natural Thing. Avians excrete poop to lessen their weight, and they have no proper toilet like we do.

1. Reflection

It’s a fact that birds poop on certain color cars, but they do so because of the shiny polish. Avians are known to attack their own reflection, especially during the breeding season.

And so when birds see their image on well-polished vehicles, they poop on them.

2. Plumage

Birds are attracted to car colors that resemble their plumage. For example, meadowlarks may prefer to perch on yellow cars because they have similar shades. And they stay on the vehicle long enough to feel nature calling.

Blue and yellow macaw plumage

3. Watery surface

Fact is, avians poop on water or in the sea. This is because watery surfaces disguise the smell of the bird droppings, which in turn diverts predators. And so when birds see blue cars, they poop, thinking that they’re dropping their waste on blue seawater.

4. Tree parking

Reddit photos of cars parked under trees are beautiful to look at. But in reality, the bird poop on those cars is a serious nightmare. Birds perch on trees, so it follows that they poop while roosting there.

And if you park your vehicle to gain shade from the tree, then bird droppings will surely be on your vehicle.

5. Under wire parking

Aside from their natural habitat, birds also love to perch on cable wires. So even if there are no trees and there are still bird droppings on your vehicle, it’s a good bet that you parked under an electrical cable. It’s quite normal for avians to poop while roosting on wires.

6. Marking territory

Dropping waste is a way for birds to mark their territory. So if your car has been parked in the same spot for a few days, then avians may claim it as their own. They poop so other birds will not come and roost with them on your vehicle.


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