Top 5 Most Hated Countries In 2023 – Do You Hate Them Too?


For many people, Russia is the world’s most hated country. However, Russia doesn’t seem to worry about that reputation, as current President Vladimir Putin continues his imperialistic effort to reunite the former Soviet republics into a single nation.



China may be the most hated country in the world. Only slightly less imperialistic than Russia, China is similarly ruled by an authoritative regime—one that is arguably even more oppressive and controlling.

Chengdu, China River and Bridge

The government controls many businesses and there are frequent reports of corruption; forced labor; “sweat shops“; and products made using cheaper, but unhealthy or toxic materials.

China’s government refuses to grant independence to Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau and interferes with any attempt by Taiwan to establish political sovereignty and join the United Nations.

China has also been accused of “debt trap diplomacy” in which it loans developing countries money they are unlikely to be able to repay and in exchange gain undue political influence over that country.

The internet is very heavily censored.

Finally, Yulin, China is the home of the annual Lychee and Dog Meat Festival, a public image disaster which many Westerners and animal lovers in general find barbaric.

United States

While this country’s appearance on the “most hated” list may surprise many Americans, few Asians or Europeans will bat an eyelash. As with China and Russia, a major cause of the animosity directed toward the US is the country’s tendency to overstep when trying to influence international events in a way that benefits the US.

Waving United States if America flag

The US frequently sends troops into other countries (Vietnam, Panama, Afghanistan, Iraq etc.) for reasons that are often criticized by people in other countries. It has also been known to throw its weight around politically, and what seems like leadership to the US and its allies can look like oppression or bullying to people in other countries—particularly if that leadership involves supporting questionable regimes in oil-rich countries.

Saudi Arabia

This oil-rich country is ruled by an authoritarian, dictatorial government whose policies are based upon a strict, violent, and misogynistic interpretation of Muslim doctrine. Human rights and especially female rights are notably repressed in Saudi Arabia.

Streets in illuminated cityscape, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The country declined to sign the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights Capital punishment is legal and frequently used to punish crimes ranging from murder to adultery and apostasy (leaving the church).

North Korea

North Korea is disliked largely due to its authoritative government’s oppression of its own citizenry and at times peculiarly aggressive international policies. Ruled by third-generation dictator Kim Jong-un, North Korea wields tremendous control over its citizens’ lives and may have the worst human rights record in the world—however, it’s difficult to be sure because the country is also easily the most secretive in the world.

All media in North Korea is state-controlled: TVs and radios may only broadcast government-approved content, their devices cannot access the world wide web (only the government-controlled intranet), North Korean phones cannot call internationally, and international communications are jammed. However, the information that does leak out depicts a brutally repressed country.


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