Top 5 most expensive restaurants in the world

If you are a foodie, have a deep pocket and live dining in the best restaurants in the world is on your bucket list, then you should consider these top ten most expensive restaurants in the world that we’ve curated for you.

1. Sublimotion Ibiza, Spain – $2,000/head

Top 10 most expensive restaurants in the world

Located in Ibiza, Spain, SubliMotion is run by Michelin 2-star chef Paco Roncero. The restaurant was awarded the Best Innovation Food & Beverage in 2014. Focusing on haute cuisine, SubliMotion promises to take you on an experiential trip that you have never experienced before. 

They feature a tasting menu consisting of 20 food tasting entrees and welcomes 12 unique diners per ‘Show One’ unique table. The diners are attended by a team of 25 professionals and the experience lasts approximately for 3 hours. A diner should have to shell out near about US$ 2,000 for dining in SubliMotion.  

2. Per Se New York, Usa – $685/head

Top 10 most expensive restaurants in the world

A renowned restaurant by chef Thomas Keller, Per Se was opened in 2004 in New York. It is the chef’s second three-Michelin-starred property and features his daily nine-course tasting menu and also a nine-course vegetarian tasting menu that incorporates classic French techniques and the finest of ingredients. A meal would cost one around US$ 685. 

The restaurant also has an award-winning collection of wine, with over 2,000 bottles on offer.

3. Masa New York, Usa – $595/head

The Japanese and sushi restaurant of Mara is situated in Manhattan in New York City. Founded by Chef Masa Takayama in 2004, this restaurant offers you with a dining experience that would cost you US$ 595. This doesn’t include beverages and taxes. The experience lasts for an approximate 2 hours.

Reservations are accepted 3 weeks prior to dining, and the menu that the guests are offered with are prepared by Chef Masa himself. It involves use of seasonal ingredients. Truffles and Kobe beef feature on this menu. Most of the fish that are offered are flown in all the way from Japan. 

4. Restaurant De L’hôtel De Ville Crissier, Switzerland – $415/head

Top 10 most expensive restaurants in the world

Hôtel de Ville is situated in Crissier in Switzerland and features a menu consisting of 11 courses which costs US$ 415. The delicacies on offer include fillet of lamb, mussels with saffron, “Scarlet” tomato, pulp, and pip consommé with Imperial Ossetra caviar, as well as “Salers” beef grilled with wild pepper, cristallines de charlotte and young fresh salad leaves. 

They also serve three-Michelin-star worthy dishes like Somme Bay scallops cooked with orange tarocco. Blending in luxury, magic and wellness, the restaurant promises to provide with a fine-dining experience worth remembering. 

5. Maison Pic Drome, France – $445/head

Top 10 most expensive restaurants in the world

Situated in Drôme in France, Maison Pic is a legendary French restaurant, run by chef Anne-Sophie Pic, one of the few female chefs in the world to run a Michelin three-star kitchen.

The nine-course menu that the restaurant offers features dishes including Mediterranean rouget in a saffron broth, deer marinated in sake lees squab, candied turnips, Banon goat cheese Berlingots, and chocolate desserts that will simply melt in your mouth. The menu would cost you around US$ 445.


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