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5 Benefits of being a vampire!

Here are the 5 Benefits of being a vampire!

1. Immortality –

In effect, you’ll live forever. That implies that you will be able to see every film released up to this point and all the remakes that will undoubtedly follow.

2. Strength –

Vampires are said to be stronger than normal people. So, you won’t have any trouble engaging in a round of fisticuffs. However, I’m not sure how I feel about gun or knife fights. I guess good luck.

Working on his strength

3. Hypnosis/Enthrall –

As a vampire, you have the option of turning people into your slaves. With a little hypnosis magic, you can have someone do whatever you want. You have help with the washing, shopping, and holding your spot in line when you need to pee. Actually, there are countless choices.

Psychology Hypnosis Using Pendulum

4. Shapeshifting –

Vampires are said to be capable of changing their shape, according to some legends. There are lots of enjoyment. However, it seems that only animals are able to use this power. So hey, you can screw with people as an animal. Make for some interesting YouTube videos of anything.

5. Immunity from disease –

Detailed close-up of the new coronavirus causing covid-19 disease

Any disease you contracted, will be cured. And you will be protected from poison.

Hope this helps!


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