Horse shoes at Estancia La Oriental, Perito Moreno National Park, Santa Cruz Province, Patagonia, Ar

Why do horses wear shoes?

Why do horses need to wear shoes?

Horseshoes are required for hooves that come into touch with harsh surfaces on a regular basis, such as concrete or other rough surfaces.

A farrier holding a handful of metal horseshoes.

This is because uneven or hard flooring can damage their hooves, putting the animal at risk of standing on objects that harm its natural hooves.

What are the materials used to make horseshoes?

Horseshoes smelting in furnace

Horse shoes are often composed of steel or aluminum and are secured to the horse’s hoof with nails. These materials are durable and hold their shape, however the type of horse shoe your horse need will be determined by their breed.

Close up image of legs of running bay sport horse.

On their front legs, certain horse breeds wear distinct shoe types than on their hind legs. The rear legs are frequently fitted with a horse shoe, sometimes known as a caulk, which contains extra steel elements to reduce excessive wear and tear.

Are horseshoes harmful to horses?

Many people are afraid that because horse shoes are tied directly to the hoof, applying and removing them will be traumatic for the animal.

Young female jockey on horse leaping over hurdle

However, because the tough component of a horse’s foot contains no nerve endings, this is a completely painless procedure.

Horse farm. Horses on a horse farm. Horses graze on a horse farm.

The animals show no signs of discomfort or aggressiveness because the horse will have a sensation comparable to that of having our fingernails clipped!

When do horseshoes need to be replaced?

Because a horse’s natural hoof is continually contracting (much like human lungs! ), making sure their shoes are properly fitting and that they are wearing the correct size can reduce the possibilities of your animal being uncomfortable while wearing them.

steel polished horseshoe on marble ledge near window

You might also be astonished to learn that a horse’s foot develops fully new in a year, thus it’s critical to replace your horse’s shoes because they may outgrow them sooner than you think!

Crop farrier cleaning horse hoof

As you can see, any horse that is routinely exposed to rough or hard flooring requires shoes. It doesn’t hurt to use them, but if they aren’t worn properly, they might cause injury and agony to your animal.


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