What Is the Opposite of Red?

It is important to pay attention to color theory when working with colors.

Learning opposite colors can be essential to a good process and outcome, whether you’re doing a hair color correction, making a painting or graphic design, or designing a beautiful living space. As such, you may be curious about the opposite of the color red. While the short answer may be ‘green’, it is actually more involved than this!

What Is the Opposite of Red?

While many people may be quick to indicate the opposite color of red is green, the specific color actually depends on which color model you are using. The three most commonly used color models are RGB, CMYK, and RYB.

What Is the Opposite of Red in RGB?

The RGB (Red, Green, Blue) color model is a digital representation of colors that can be seen on screens for personal device screenscomputers, and televisions.

On the RGB model, the opposite of red is cyan. Cyan is a vibrant greenish-blue color. 

What Is the Opposite of Red in CMY?

Similar to the RGB model, the opposite of red on the CMY (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow) color model is cyan.  In contrast to the RGB model, the color cyan is really darker. It uses subtractive light instead of additive light to create the color. As a result, once printed, the cyan will appear slightly different to viewers.

What Is the Opposite of Red in CMY?? (Red, Yellow, Blue)

The most well-known color model is the RYB (Red, Yellow, Blue) color. The fact that any artist or designer may use it makes it ideal if you are just starting to learn about color theory or art.

In particular, on the RYB color model, the opposite of the color red is green. When green is on top of red, it can cancel out the red altogether. Likewise, when red is on top of green, it will neutralize the red. Furthermore, when red pairs with green, it can create a visually satisfying image. For instance, you may associate most red and green with Christmas, a warm-hearted and spirited holiday.


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