How to use chopsticks?

If you’re aiming for perfection, the proper way to use chopsticks is to have the sticks parallel to one another at all times.

1. Place the bottom chopstick. 

Let the back end of it rest in the crevice between your thumb and index finger, and the front end rest on bottom of your ring finger. Lay your thumb over the chopstick.

2. Place the top chopstick. 

Keeping your thumb straight, hold the top chopstick like a pen and place it in the space between the top knuckle of your middle finger and the tip of your index finger.

3. Keep the bottom chopstick fixed at all times while only moving the top chopstick. 

To move the bottom chopstick, bend your middle and index fingers (while not bending your thumb).

Adjust the placement of the chopstick accordingly so that it feels comfortable; you should be grasping onto the top third of the chopstick, not the middle.

Practice often. And if this is not the most comfortable way for you to hold a chopstick, then switch it up until you can quickly and comfortably pick up pieces of food without dropping it.


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