Why is Pluto not a Planet?

Pluto is classified as a dwarf planet. Isn’t that horrifying? One of our precious 9 planets is no longer considered a planet!

When did that happen, you might wonder?

In the year 2006, There have been reports about the restoration of its planetary status since then, as time has passed.

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However, none of them are correct. Pluto will no longer be a planet. You might wonder why not.

A body must meet certain criteria in order to be designated as a Planet.

1. Orbit around the sun.
2. Have enough mass that gravity overcomes rigid body forces and the object acquires a spherical shape.
3. Have a clear neighborhood, in its orbit around the sun.
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Pluto isn’t considered a planet because:

Solar system planets set. The Sun and planets in a row on univer
1. Pluto is a somewhat round body that orbits the sun, but its orbit crosses that of Neptune! Not very environmentally friendly!
2. Because it is so small, it is unable to clear its path and hence has an extremely crowded vicinity, thereby defying the definition of a planet.
Pluto was demoted to the category of a dwarf planet using a new definition of a planet that was coined in 2006! Pluto, whether you’re a planet or not, we still adore you!
Ceres asteroid dwarf planet

3. Interesting Facts About Pluto

1. Pluto is the largest of the dwarf planets, according to recent discoveries.
2. The “King of the Kuiper Belt” is another name for it.
3. It is also one half of the first “Binary Planetary System,” with Charon, its largest moon, making up the other half.


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