Cute kitten meows. British Shorthair cat

Why does my cat meow?

Why would cats, who are known for their “can’t be bothered” attitude, go to all the trouble to communicate with us?

They must be saying something significant.

These are the most common reasons cats meow.

Cat trying to get attention with a roar (or meow, in this case)

1. To welcome you

Come here let me hug you. Tender and touched charming lovely asian guy with tattoos, welcoming

– your cat did notice you were gone. Your cat is saying “hello” and “where have you been all this time” with these short meows.

A gray cat sits in an opening in the wall hanging his paws

Before your feline companion returns to his customary preoccupations, a little affectionate petting and a few kind words are anticipated in return.

2. To get your attention

Young woman playing with a Scottish Fold cat

Cats meow in order to attract your attention for play, stroking, or some tasty goodies.

3. To get food

Gray, fluffy cat reaches for food standing on the table in the kitchen. Mistress hand feeding a cat

It’s usually a good idea to check the food bowl if your cat won’t stop meowing at particular times.

4. To tell you they’re unwell

If your cat meows in the middle of the night, it may be trying to notify you something is wrong.

Skilled veterinarians examines cat on intravenous infusion at table

Several conditions can cause your cat to meow like kidney disease to urinary tract difficulties to arthritis.


If you notice anything unusual about your cat’s sounds, you should always consult your local veterinarian to rule out an illness.

5. To indicate stress

Consider any probable interruptions or changes in your cat’s environment A new house, a new pet, or a new newborn can all raise alarm bells in your pet’s mind.

Close up hands of woman holding little cat with happiness at home.

So be aware of any changes and attempt to reassure your cat by giving them more attention and quiet time.


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