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Why Do I feel Tired?

I’m here today to discuss a very common symptom known as being constantly tired or feeling constantly tired.

So, what does constantly feeling tired mean? Patients frequently describe how they feel is through the use of that terminology, constantly Tired.

Thus, fatigue is a pervasive, uncomfortable feeling that has a detrimental effect on your life, on your mood, on your ability to function in terms of work, exercise, and also on your ability to maintain a healthy and happy relationship.

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Fatigue is a very broad symptom that can have a significant negative impact on one’s quality of life.

So what are the causes of being constantly tired or feeling exhausted? As you might guess, it’s a fairly broad term that refers to being constantly exhausted. As a result, there are numerous causes.

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Thus, by examining some of the types, we can divide it into two categories. We can examine both external and internal factors.

Thus, external factors contributing to constant fatigue would include increased levels of stress. This could be work-related stress, relationship-related stress, or financial stress. This can result in a low mood, which can also result in constant fatigue.

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So, there  here could be external causes for constant fatigue. Internally, there are many disease processes and numerous physical reasons why you may feel tired all the time.

If a patient or you suffer from anemia, which is a low blood count, your hemoglobin or blood count may be low, which may result in constant fatigue.

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However, there are numerous possible causes of a low blood count, including dietary reasons. So, a deficiency of iron in your diet, a deficiency of red meat, or a loss of blood.

Having extremely heavy periods may result in a low blood count. That is one physical reason why you may feel tired all the time when you have a low blood count.

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Other possible causes include deficient vitamin levels, such as vitamin B twelve or folate. This could be due to a deficiency of vitamin B-12 or folate in the diet or  you may be deficient using too much in vitamin B twelve or folate.

If your vitamin D levels decrease given the country you live in and the amount of sunlight you receive, you may be suffering from low vitamin D levels.

Healthy foods containing vitamin D
Healthy foods containing vitamin D

This can also result in constant fatigue. Then there are hormonal reasons for feeling tired all the time. We return to the thyroid gland, which I’ve referred to as the body’s “powerhouse,” or metabolic center.

And when the thyroid gland does not produce enough of a hormone called thyroxine, your body slows down and you frequently feel sluggish and tired all the time.

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That would be a hormonal reason for constant fatigue. Another very common hormonal reason is if you have diabetes and your blood sugars are out of control, which results in tiredness all the time. or laziness.

As I mentioned previously, there are external and internal factors at play.


You can try to talk to your doctor. They’ll be able to advise you on which test or blood panel would be the best fit for your needs.


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