Why Do Girls Play With Their Hair?

A woman’s hair plays a significant role in her body language, but depending on the context, playing with one’s hair can have several meanings. Here’s everything you need to know about what it means when a woman plays with her hair.

1. She’s Feeling Anxious

One of the most common reasons women play with their hair is because they’re feeling anxious. Anxiety is very common in women, so if you see a woman playing with her hair more than usual, it might mean she’s feeling nervous.

Regardless of gender, people tend to fidget when they’re feeling uneasy. Some people might bounce their legs, chew their nails, or tap their fingers. If someone has long hair, which many girls do, they may use that as a way to fidget as well.

Here are some other signs a woman is feeling anxious:

She’s avoiding eye contact

She stutters when she speaks

She can’t seem to sit still

Her arms are crossed

She seems irritable

2. She’s Bored

Another reason a woman might play with her hair is that she is bored. Hairplaying is a very common way for people to fidget, and people tend to fidget more when they have nothing else to do.

You’ll often see women playing with their hair at work, during class, or while waiting in line. If you’re talking to a girl and she’s playing with her hair, it may be a sign that she’s losing interest in the conversation.

Of course, playing with one’s hair isn’t always a sign that a woman is underwhelmed. You’ll usually notice some other body language indicating boredom, too.

3. She’s Feeling Self-Conscious

If a girl is constantly playing with her hair, it may be a sign that she’s feeling embarrassed or self-conscious. Perhaps she’s having a bad hair day and is trying to fix it.

Or, she may be feeling insecure about her appearance and is trying to make her hair look a bit nicer. Self-conscious girls can often experience anxiety.


As mentioned earlier, anxiety can be another reason for women to play with their hair. So if you think a woman might be feeling self-conscious, consider complimenting her—it may help brighten her mood!

4. She’s Feeling Confident

Most of the reasons covered so far have been negative. However, a woman playing with her hair could be a good thing, too! Women who are confident in their appearance may frequently play with their hair.

This behavior could mean she’s fond of how she styled her hair that day, and playing with it is her way of drawing attention to it.

5. Flirting

Are you wondering if a woman is flirting with you? The best way to do that is to pay attention to her body language, and playing with her hair is one of many possible signs that she’s into you.

Flirting lovely romantic young woman female student talking on phone with her boyfriend

Of course, hair playing on its own isn’t necessarily a sign of flirting. Keep an eye out for these other instances of flirty body language:


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