Why do cats scream when mating?

Cats are fantastic creatures we adore. They can be a little offensive when they’re getting ready to mate and all through the process of being in heat. Understanding feline behavior is beneficial, especially if you live with cats.

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Many people are curious about why cats make noise when mating. A cat in heat may appear intimidating. But the screams and meows are most audible and scandalous during copulation. Cats start meowing when they are in heat to attract males’ attention.

What Makes Female Cats Scream When Mating?

If your female cat is in heat, you’ve probably heard the loud trilling call she makes for about a week during her heat cycle. Some cats are noisier, while others are slightly quieter and may only have one or two noisy days.

Cats make a few loud noises when mating or are ready to mate. During mating, female cats cry because the male reproductive organs scratch them. Male cats respond to talkative female cats with specific calls and sounds.

The male cat’s penis has small spikes on it. Those spikes provide the female cat with the stimulation it needs to ovulate. Hence, making it an essential part of the process.

The noise is key to the stimulation needed for ovulation and pregnancy. Cats are simulation-based ovulators, so the ovaries will not deliver an egg except while mating.

Like most animals, cats rarely become pregnant after the first mating. Cats’ chances of becoming pregnant increase with each mating. It explains why they try to mate multiple times per day.

Many people believe that aroused stimulation is unpleasant for a female cat. It’s an assumption that may explain why the Queens are usually agitated toward male cats right after mating. Because of this hostile trait, Tomcats will usually abandon a Queen after mating until she makes mating sounds again.

Is It Painful for Female Cats to Mate?

As earlier mentioned, a cat’s penis is prickly. The genitalia of cats is covered in tiny keratinized spines, which stimulate female ovulation. These spines also keep the penis from falling out during intercourse.

Contrary to popular belief, female spines do not cause pain or bleeding. They simply trigger a hormonal shock by stimulating the neuroendocrine system (LH). And this doesn’t get activated until 23 and 36 hours after intercourse.

Following intercourse, the female’s behavior changes erratically. After the male withdraws the penis, the pupils begin to dilate, and half of the females meow loudly. Then, there is a likely attack on the males fiercely after mating, spinning, and licking their genital area for 2 to 7 minutes.

Yes, female cats may experience pain during mating because the penis of a male cat contains small spines that are required for ovulation.


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