Who Are the World’s Richest Dogs?

Gunther IV

In 2021, a number of news organizations, including the Associated Press, reported that a German Shepherd called Gunther IV inherited $400 million from his owner, Countess Karlotta Leibenstein of Germany. But, was everything as it seemed? 

Toby Rimes

Like Gunther IV, Toby Rimes may be a hoax. It was thought that the Poodle was descended from a dog of the same name owned by New York businesswoman Ella Wendel in 1931. When Wendell died, the original Toby inherited $20 million of her estate. All of his descendants shared his name and inherited the money.


Trouble was a dog owned by businesswoman Leona Helmsley, nicknamed the Queen of Mean. She left the pup $12 million in her will, while disinheriting two of her grandchildren, but a judge later changed the amount to $2 million. 


When Gail Posner died in 2010, she left her $8.3 million mansion and a $3 million trust fund to her dogs, including Chihuahua Conchita. 

Oprah Winfrey’s Dogs

Make no mistake, the media mogul’s pups are seriously spoiled. They’re often seen living the high life, whether they’re relaxing at home with their billionaire owner or they’re traveling by private jet. And, they’re set to inherit $30 million from a trust fund when Oprah passes away. 


Pomeranian Jiffpom is an internet star, with a whopping 9.5 million Instagram followers. And he’s unlikely to be too short of money any time soon. While his exact net worth isn’t known, one source put it at a huge $56 million.


Acting legend Betty White was said to be leaving $5 million in her will to her beloved Golden Retriever Pontiac. However, she outlived him. Pontiac died in 2017, whereas White died at the age of 99 on New Year’s Eve 2021. 


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