What occupation has the best s*x life?

It’s not just the cows and chickens that

are breeding down on the farm.

According to a recent survey, your job may be to blame if your s*xual life leaves much to desired.

The survey by Lelo UK asked 2,000 men and women about their s*x lives, as well as their occupation.

With nearly 33% of respondents reporting having s*x at least once a day, the findings showed that farmers have the most s*x.

Architect and construction engineer or surveyor discussion plans and blueprints

Farmers were closely followed by architects (21% have s*x once a day) and hairdressers (17% have s*x once a day).

Young bearded man getting haircut by hairdresser while sitting in chair at barbershop

Farmers’ daily s*xual activities appear to be paying off, as 67% of them describe their bedroom performance as “amazing.”

With one fifth of them saying they only have s*x once a month, journalists appear to have the least s*x (it feels strange for me to write this…).

Journalists at conference

Meanwhile, the survey also revealed that lawyers are the hardest to please in the bedroom, with 27% admitting to faking an orgasm every time they have s*x!

mature lawyers discussing plans at workplace

Even within groups like professions where there is a lot of similarity, we have to remember that there is a great amount of individual differences impacting people’s s*xuality and s*x lives.

However, there are some trends that we may expect. For instance, a farmer’s degree of physical activity may have a different impact on their level of energy and fitness than someone who works in an office.

Wheat farmer standing and looking over wheatgrass field, aerial view

The lifestyle aspects of our professions, such as the surroundings and the flexibility of working hours, are also likely to have an impact on all aspects of our lives, not just our s*xual lives.


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