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What Is It You’ve Always Wanted To Do?

Ask yourself that question, what is it you’ve always wanted to do? One day you will have left it to long to do those things you’ve always wanted but never got around to doing.

Have you lived life to the full, doing everything you’ve wanted when you’ve wanted?

A study claimed unless you have travelled to at least 25 foreign countries, are fluent in two languages and have performed live on stage, you have not lived life well. Researchers questioned 2,000 adults aged 18 to 65 before creating a list of the 50 things essential to do to have lived a “full” life.

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So I want you to start thinking of the things you’ve always wanted to do, but never given yourself the opportunity to do them.

Maybe a question that would resonate better in your mind is:

If you didn’t have to worry about money, what things would you want to do?

Give yourself the permission to explore the possibilities.

What are they? List them now.

Why, oh why do so many people have the habit of delaying things until a future time. We’ve all heard the expression ‘I can’t afford to have a child’ or ‘I’m too young to get married. They then wait for this mystical right time, that perfect moment when they just know now ‘s the time.

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Life’s too short to take the chance on the perfect time arriving because chances are it never will.

Life is just too short and precious to feel miserable about work or do something that you don’t care about. I believe life has to be lived, 100%. Life is about making dreams come true for yourself and people around you.

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I’m not saying you need to go after these things right this very second, but I want you to let them wander around in your mind instead of burying them so that you can forget them. I want you once again to get excited about the things we could do in our lifetime, and then get around to doing something special on a regular basis.

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You have to make time to do the things you want and enjoy the happiness they will bring to you.

Let me share with you my bucket list of the things I want to do before I die.

See the Northern Lights

Drink a beer or three at Oktoberfest in Munich

Enjoy Carnival Time in Rio

See the Great Barrier Reef

Go on Safari to see wonderful creatures living in the wild

Take the Orient Express From Venice To London

Watch an Ashes Cricket Match at the Gabba

See my 2 daughters develop into wonderful, happy and successful women

Learn Spanish

Live in Spain

Run a marathon in under 4 hours

Write the novel I know I have waiting inside of me

Mentor others on the road to happiness and success

See my grandchildren grown up

I hope that one or two of these inspire and encourage you to push your boundaries and cram as much into your life as possible.

So what is something you have always wanted to do?


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