What is a rainbow kiss?

Google the phrase “rainbow kiss” and you might just find a bunch of videos of other people

Googling the phrase “rainbow kiss.”  

The phrase gained popularity after a few users went viral for capturing their rainbow-kiss-Google journey on TikTok.

No, a rainbow kiss is not the newest Kylie Cosmetics lip kit shade. It is a sexual act involving menstrual blood and semen.

She asserts that some people take pleasure in blood play, whether it’s derived from a fetish for vampires, werewolves, and other mythical blood-thirsty creatures. Blood play can involve light cutting of the skin or menstrual blood.

We’re not discussing cutting off an arm or bleeding to death on the floor. But often what drives people on is coming into contact with the taste and smell of it. However, some persons might use staged or fake blood.  It all depends on the consent and boundaries of the partners.

A rainbow kiss happens when a person with a penis goes down on a person with a uterus during their period, while they also receive oral sex. One person is 69-ing while the other is menstruating.

young couple spending time in their countryside house

When a couple kisses after both partners have ejaculated in each other’s mouths, mixing menstrual blood with semen in the process, thus the ~rainbow~ part of the rainbow kiss. And voilà!

Why do some people enjoy it?

Young White Woman Suffering With Extreme Abdominal Menstrual Pain Cramps

It’s used to be considered “filthy” or “unclean” to have sex while going through a period.  But now we’re actually starting to observe that having sex while you menstruate has certain benefits, like easing tension or pain from migraines or menstrual cramps.

Like the thousands of other fetishes out there, this ‘unique‘ action is totally okay to undertake as long as it’s agreed upon by two consenting adults.

Rainbow kiss participants should experiment with flavored lubrication to bring a new dimension to their sensory play.”


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