What goes up but never comes down?

The “what goes up but never comes down” riddle has been making the rounds on social media,

so let’s address the answer.

How have you been keeping busy during lockdown?

Since then, the phrase “stay home” has given way to the phrase “stay alert.” However, a many of us stay at home and look for entertainment.

Riddles and puzzles are a popular way for individuals to keep themselves occupied, and some of the best ones are shared on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Let’s speak about one of the best brainteasers we’ve seen recently because it might be stumping you.


Those who remember hearing this one has been quick to fire out the answer, but for those unfamiliar, it’s quite a challenge.

So, here goes:

What goes up but never comes down? Be sure to give it some more thought before reading the answer below. Think outside of the box! Is it an actual object or might it be a concept? You can do this. Still unsure? So, no need to worry. We have the answer for you.


What goes up but never comes down?  Your age is the answer!

Sadly, as the years pass, your age will continue to increase. There you have it, then!

Even if it’s a bit of a classic, it’s still worthwhile to ask your loved ones if they can understand it now that you know the answer.


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