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What Animal Has The Lowest IQ?


Despite their physical adaptations for hunting and survival in the wild, such as strong claws and sharp teeth, pandas choose to spend their time chewing on bamboo leaves.

Giant panda bear in China

This plant is their primary source of sustenance, and pandas must consume vast quantities of bamboo every day to obtain the bare minimum of nutrients they need to survive.


Certain animals can be considered foolish based on their strange physical appearance, and turkeys are certainly among them. With their wide-set eyes, head movements, and clumsy gait, turkeys may be perceived as lacking intelligence.


However, it is not their physical appearance that has earned them a spot on the list of the least intelligent animals.


Kakapos are flightless birds that bear a resemblance to owls and were once free to roam throughout New Zealand.

With ample food and no predators in sight, these birds did not develop the instinctual ability to recognize and respond to danger, leaving them vulnerable to predators when humans settled in the region, bringing more capable and intelligent animals with them.


Koalas are yet another species that is endangered, partly due to humans hunting and selling them for their fur or as pets. However, these animals also contribute significantly to their own peril.

Koala mum

Moreover, koalas are very clumsy and weak animals that don’t even attempt to escape when they feel threatened. Additionally, they have poor hygiene habits and are prone to diseases and bacteria. So while they may look cute, they aren’t necessarily the cleanest creatures.


Despite their stunning appearance, flamingos are not particularly intelligent animals. Strangely, they often stand on one leg, even though they have two legs, and they even sleep in this position.

Flamingo in Bolivia

Additionally, their fishing technique, with their beaks turned upside down, seems inefficient for catching fish.

Secretary Birds

Birds are known for their ability to fly, which enables them to move faster, hunt more efficiently, and avoid predators. However, some bird species don’t seem to appreciate this gift. Take, for instance, the secretary bird.

These birds have large wings but seldom fly. They only use their flying abilities to reach their nests or during courtship rituals.


They even spend most of their days sleeping, sometimes falling unconscious and dying. Additionally, they may mistake a tree branch for their limb, leading to fatal consequences. When they are awake, they mainly hang on trees, digesting food for days and even weeks.


Perhaps it’s safe to say that these animals are just incredibly lethargic rather than intelligent.


This creature looks like a bizarre blend of a rabbit, a mouse, and a kangaroo, which would be advantageous in an ideal world. Their long legs and large ears are supposed to help them run fast, jump when threatened, and locate enemies.

Nevertheless, in reality, jerboas struggle to learn how to jump, which takes months and puts them at risk in the harsh desert environment.


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