What Animal Has The Best Memory?


Dolphins are not only one of the animals with the best memory; they are also one of the smartest animals on the planet.

Friendly dolphin

People have been training Dolphins to do all sorts of tricks in Marine parks for many, many years. This has led to a very special bond between the Dolphins and humans.

Biologists have reported that dolphins have the longest memories in the animal kingdom.

According to these studies, Bottlenose Dolphins have been able to remember the sounds of other Dolphins over a period of 20 years. Each Dolphin has it’s own unique whistle sound, which is distinguishable from other Dolphins.


Many fishermen have reported whales recognizing their boats after a long time.

Whale tail

Whales have also been known for a long time to migrate along the same routes for several years. They will head south in the winter when the water becomes colder and they need a good memory in order to find their way through the ocean.


Elephants are really nice and loyal animals who take care of each other.


Scientists have found that elephants keep a map of all the water holes in their area. They always know where to go to get water for the little ones.


Dogs wouldn’t be good service dogs and able to assist police officers if they weren’t able to remember a whole bunch of stuff. They can also recognize their owners after a very long time.

Cute Welsh Corgi dog outdoor. Dog portrait Pet on a walk. Beautiful funny corgi dog breed

There are numerous examples of dogs who have found their way home after being away for a long time. This takes good memory skills and dogs are certainly among the most intelligent creatures in the animal kingdom.


They have been known to remember forms and signs and be able to sort puzzles and things. This shows us that apes and monkeys have at least some photographic memory. They can also be taught a long list of hand gestures and signs in order to communicate with humans.

Portrait of a Rhesus macaque monkey

The Rhesus monkeys have shown an amazing ability to learn from past experiences. They will remember what happened last time when they did the same thing.


They can fly over long distances and always come back to the same point. They are territorial animals, which means they will cover a certain territory. They use sounds to communicate with each other about what’s going on.

Common raven (Corvus corax)

Ravens and Crows will live for 20 to 30 years. This allows them to learn a lot during their lifetime and they use their fantastic memory to remember where everything is. They can also remember people’s faces.


You wouldn’t think so when you took a look at the size. Normally, lifespan has to do with how big the animals are and how big their hearts are. But not with the Macaws. Biologists still have to figure out why these amazing birds can live as long as humans.



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