Top 10 Dumbest Animals

1. Giant Panda

Even though they are carnivores, this rarest kind of bear likes to consume plants rather than other animals. Additionally, they are the least romantic beings on earth. They have a dismal track record of taking care of and nurturing their young, which could lead to their extinction soon. In fact, when women get tired of their offspring, they will even kill them! This makes it the world’s most stupid animal.

Panda bear eating bamboo

2. Turkey

Even when it’s raining, turkeys can’t help but look helplessly up at the sky, which occasionally results in their demise. This habit is explained by their preference for drinking rainwater and the fact that some of them have tetanic torticollar spasms, a hereditary condition.

Turkey in Guatemala

3. Jerboa

Jerboas use bipedal locomotion, which is characterized by unpredictable changes in direction and speed, to skip, jump, and run in order to avoid predators. Predators are typically deterred by their peculiar movements. They are not good at concealing from their enemies, though. They are also unable to effectively filter through trash to find food.

4. Ostrich

Ostriches can’t fly, thus they must run quickly to escape predators. They utilize their powerful legs to kick at their adversaries if they are unable to outrun them. They flop to the ground with their heads and necks extended in front of them if all of this fails. The hue of the neck and head mixes with the ground, giving the impression that they are immobile. However, the biggest flightless bird on earth believes that its predator cannot see it, thus it is included in this list.

Two ostriches running in the zoo

5. Sloth

Even when threatened by predators, sloths move incredibly slowly. They never urinate there but spend the majority of their time sleeping in the neighboring trees. They drop to the earth each week to excrete before climbing back up. They frequently fall to their lives because they mistake their own limbs for tree branches. They all contribute to their reputation as being stupid.


6. Koala

Despite having four stomachs, the koala primarily eats low-nutrient eucalyptus leaves, which are difficult to digest. Lack of cleanliness makes it a disease carrier, primarily for Chlamydia. If they are unable to find their chosen food, they can potentially die of starvation.

Koala mum

7. Kakapo

As soon as the kakapo, or forest owl, recognizes its predator, it freezes in terror. It waits to be a meal; it makes no attempt to escape. It also produces poor offspring. The male makes a terrible mating call that renders the female dizzy and bewildered. Nobody seems to know what is happening or what to do. Less than 200 kakapos will be left on the planet by the year 2020, which is not surprising.

8. Cane Toad

The largest toad in the world eats both live and dead things. And this personality extends beyond its cuisine. The hostile toads are frequently observed having open physical interactions with nearly everything, alive or dead. It humps on anything that moves, including lizards, snakes, salamanders, rodents, and other creatures, without hesitation since it enjoys being touched. The extremely prolific females can produce up to 30,000 eggs at once.

Closeup shot of a cane toad on a grassy field

9. Slow Loris

As its name suggests, the slow loris moves very slowly. When it tries to flee or hide from its predators, it seldom disturbs the leaves with its pace and stops moving in a matter of seconds. Then the whole immobile state continues. Additionally, when approached, it freezes and covers its face. Furthermore, it is foolish enough to approach a person without taking any precautions. It is unconcerned about taking safety precautions despite having a deadly bite that can instantly kill a person if untreated.

10. Flamingo

The lovely bird has two legs, but typically only utilizes one of them to stand and rest. The fact that they attempt to catch fish while having their beaks inverted in the water is another indication of their folly.

Pink flamingo


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