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Top 6 Ways Out Of A Bad Mood

Beating a bad mood is not easy, but the only person that can get you out of the bad mood is yourself! Here are a dozen mood tips to drag yourself into a more positive frame of mind.

Talk About What Has Put You In A Mood

If you are in a bad mood, then there’s obviously a reason for it. Pinpoint why you’re in a bad mood and, if you can, talk to a friend about it. Simply talking about your problem with someone will make you feel much better.

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After all, what they say about ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’ rings very true. But if you can’t talk to a friend, try going outside and letting out a mighty scream or having a good cry. Remember that bottling it all up will only darken your mood.

Beat A Bad Mood With Exercise

Exercise is a great way to get you out of a bad mood. If you can make yourself do some exercise, you will reap the benefits. Exercise releases endorphins, which are chemicals in your brain that make you feel good, so by doing some exercise, you will automatically make yourself feel better.

Morning exercise running

A game of squash could be a good option, as you’ll be able to take your bad mood out on the ball. On the other hand, if you take your sport too seriously and are a bad loser, then a non-competitive form of exercise may be the best way to go.

Eat Chocolate To Make You Feel Better

It’s amazing how many people instantly reach for their favorite chocolate for comfort if they are feeling low. It’s probably not a bad thing to do, though, as chocolate is known to be responsible for positive mood-lifting effects due to the release of serotonin, the brain’s natural pick-me-up.

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If you find that chocolate does the trick for you, then a little of it can be a good thing. However, if you’re the sort who ends up with a pang of guilt, then it’s best that you give it a miss.

Think About Less Fortunate People

If you’re in a really bad mood, it may be because you think everything is going wrong for you. What you need to do in this case is regain your sense of perspective on life. Take a stroll, maybe in your lunch time, and have a look at the people around you.

Chances are you’ll probably pass by at least one person who would probably settle for your problems and a roof over their head. Or you might see someone disabled or elderly struggling to get into a shop. If you can get a sense of perspective, then things may not seem so bad after all!

Blasting Out Some ‘Positive’ Music

Everybody has some favorite tunes to listen to, from rousing classical music compositions to bouncing pop tunes. Listening to one of your favorite tracks—such as one that you associate with a happy time in your life—will help draw you out of your bad mood.

woman listening to music

And why not go one step further by belting out your favorite tune at the top of your voice? You could even do this if you feel yourself being drawn into a bad mood while stuck in traffic—as long as you don’t mind being a source of amusement to other motorists.

Get More Light

At certain times of the year, particularly around winter, the lack of daylight hours can have a negative impact on your mood. Some people even get seasonal affective disorder (SAD), which is even worse.

Whether or not you get SAD, it’s always good to get more light into your life. You could try to get out more during daylight hours, as this is known to improve your mood.


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