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Top 5 tips to skip School

Below are some genius ways to skip high school,

middle school, or any other school. 

1. Adjust the time on the alarm clock

Doctor with alarm clock

Most people are awakened by an alarm clock when they are asleep. If your parents act that way, this trick will surely succeed. You only need to break into their rooms the night before, change the alarm time.

There is no need for you to go to school because the bus has already left if they get up later than normal in the morning. You can also hide your dad’s car key to stop him from driving and leaving you off at school.

2. Pretend to be Injured

Injured young man with arm support

You can always make up an illness or injury to excuse missing school and convince your parents. If this also requires acting, you could give an explanation like suffering an ankle sprain or knee pain while playing.

You can also mention that the school nurse advised you to take two days off and rest at home.

3. Fake a Fever

Woman having fever

Parents worry about their children when they pretend to have a fever, so they decide not to let them go to school. You must prepare the build-up to fake a fever a day in advance. You can create a fever with garlic, onions, or the venerable thermometer rub method.

4. Inform the school about an upcoming absence

Business notes

Turning in a note for an excused absence a few days prior to skipping class is one strategy to prevent the school from informing your parents that you skipped. Sign the letter with your parent’s name and write it legibly.

5. Be familiar with your school’s best exits

Emergency exit in a building

Use a door that you won’t be spotted using if you need to leave after you are already inside the school.

Hope this helps!


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