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Top 5 facts you didn’t know 5 minutes ago

Diamonds Can Be Made from Peanut Butter

Diamond Miner

The scientists experimented with crushing rocks under very high pressure and discovered some unexpected ways to make diamonds. As all living things are made up from carbon, the scientists are able to push out the carbon dioxide (Which escapes from the substance at high pressure) leaving pure carbon. Diamonds can then “grow” out of the substance at that point. Making everyone’s favourite sandwich filler, sparkle.

Admittedly, this is under extreme pressure, so don’t rush out to buy peanut butter in the hope of making a fortune!

The first silicone breast implant was performed on a dog.

Doctor examining breast

The first breast implant on a human was successfully completed in 1962. The woman in question was Timmie Jean Lindsay.

Close-up of anesthetized dog's head during surgery

Before Timmie, the procedure needed a ‘Guinea Pig’ and that was a dog named Esmeralda. Frank Gerow got the idea for implants when he squeezed a blood bag and noticed how much it resembled a woman’s breast. The implants were inserted under the skin of Esmeralda and lasted two weeks before the dog chewed the stiches.

Edison’s’ ‘last breath’ is owned by Ford.

That’s correct; the Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan is where Thomas Edison’s last breath is on display. Ford wished to preserve his friend’s final breath in a test tube after Edison passed away in 1931. 

Who produces the largest number of Bibles?

Christian woman holds bible in her hands. Reading the Holy Bible on the sea during beautiful sunset

China produces largest number of bibles more than 12 million copies produced in 2015. Although China of officially and atheist country, it is also where most bibles are printed.

Blue color in Facebook

Its website or application platform has a distinctive blue color. If you’ve ever wondered why, well the reason is, Zuckerberg is red-green-green –green color-blind meaning that blue is the color he can see best. You now know something, and yeah, you are welcome.


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