Top 10 Tallest Man in the World

1. Robert Wadlow – 8 feet 11 inches (272 cm)

Robert Wadlow, often referred to as the “Alton Giant,” holds the title of the tallest person in recorded history. His astounding height was due to an overactive pituitary gland, which produced excessive growth hormone. Wadlow’s gentle demeanor and towering stature made him a symbol of human resilience and kindness.

2. Leonid Stadnyk – 8 feet 5 inches (257 cm)

Leonid Stadnyk, a Ukrainian farmer, gained international attention for his extraordinary height. However, due to his reluctance to be officially measured, his exact height remains a subject of debate among experts. Stadnyk passed away in 2008 at the age of 37.

3. Zeng Jinlian – 8 feet 1 inch (248 cm)

Zeng Jinlian, a Chinese woman, holds the distinction of being the tallest female ever documented. Her remarkable height was attributed to a tumor on her pituitary gland. Despite her towering presence, Zeng’s life was tragically short as she passed away at the age of 17.

4. Sultan Kösen – 8 feet 2.8 inches (251 cm)

Sultan Kösen, recognized by the Guinness World Records as the world’s tallest living man, achieved his height due to a tumor affecting his pituitary gland. Despite his immense stature, Kösen leads an active life and has traveled the world as a prominent figure.

5. Don Koehler – 8 feet 2 inches (249 cm)

Don Koehler, an American, is remembered for his imposing height and strength. He was often referred to as the “gentle giant” due to his friendly disposition despite his intimidating stature. Koehler passed away in 1981 at the age of 56.

6. Väinö Myllyrinne – 8 feet 2 inches (249 cm)

Väinö Myllyrinne, a Finnish man, remains one of the tallest individuals in history. His height was attributed to gigantism, a condition caused by excessive growth hormone. Myllyrinne’s legacy lives on, as he is remembered as one of Finland’s most renowned citizens.

7. Dharmendra Pratap Singh – 8 feet 1 inch (247 cm)

Dharmendra Pratap Singh, an Indian farmer, gained local fame due to his extraordinary height. While he was never officially recognized by Guinness World Records, Singh’s towering presence left an indelible mark on his community.

8. John Rogan – 8 feet 9 inches (267 cm)

John Rogan, an American, holds the distinction of being one of the tallest individuals in history. His remarkable height was due to a combination of genetic factors. Despite his challenges, Rogan lived a relatively long life for his time and remains an iconic figure.

9. Bernard Coyne – 8 feet 2.5 inches (250 cm)

Bernard Coyne, an American, gained recognition for his extraordinary height during the early 20th century. Tragically, he passed away at a young age, leaving behind a legacy of curiosity and wonder.

Bernard Coyne

10. Richard Kiel – 7 feet 1.5 inches (217 cm)

Richard Kiel, an American actor, is best known for his role as the iconic James Bond villain “Jaws.” While not the tallest person in the world, his towering height and memorable performances made him a beloved figure in the entertainment industry.

Richard Kiel Tallest Person in the World


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