Top 10 Most Expensive Houses In The World

1. Buckingham Palace – $4.9 Billion (Queen Of England)

The British royal home is the city’s most well-known and astounding tourist attraction. The exceptional Baroque architecture of the Palace, along with 775 rooms, sprawling grounds, a pool, cinema, clinic, and police station, among other facilities, makes it a luxurious abode for the British Royal Family.

2. Antilia Tower – $2 Billion (Mukesh Ambani)

Mukesh Ambani’s residence in Mumbai is adorned with pearls, crystals, marbles, and other rare stones, making it one of a kind. The luxurious Tower has about 27 stories and consists of 6 floors, including the garage. The home also includes three helipads on the roof, a Snow room, a temple, nine elevators, a spa, cinemas, and an ice-cream room, making it one of the wealthiest homes globally.

3. Villa La Leopolda – $750 Million (Lily Safra)

Villa La Leopolda is a splendid mansion on about 18 acres of the area belonging to King Leopold Ⅱ. It has many astounding features like a commercial greenhouse, 19 luxurious rooms, multiple bathrooms, an out-to-door kitchen, sports courts, a massive pool, and a beautiful and vast garden, making it the largest house in that area.

4. Witanhurst Mansion – $450 Million (Andrey Guryev)

Witanhurst mansion is the second-largest in London, with a total area of 90,000 square feet. It has been used as a favorable location for filming and features a massive 70-foot-long ballroom. The mansion is also stuffed with gorgeous timber wall panels and oak flooring, along with 65 opulent rooms, making it one of a kind.

5. Villa Les Cédres – $450 Million (Rinat Akhmetov)

This villa is 18,000 square feet, with over 35 acres of garden area. This magnificent mansion is beautifully architectured for a king. It features 14 bedrooms, multiple balconies, a stable, a great auditorium, a vast swimming pool, and various greenhouses.

6. Les Palais Bulles – $420 Million (Pierre Cardin)

This Palace is well-known as the Bubble Palace because of its gorgeous architecture. Les Palais Bulles is built from a lightweight mesh and has a hypaethral theatre, multiple swimming pools, ten sumptuous bedrooms, a panoramic lounge, and an alluring waterfall, which further amplifies its beauty.

7. The Odeon Tower Penthouse – $330 Million (SCI Odeon)

The Odeon Tower Penthouse is a spectacular apartment situated on 38 acres. It has an incredible waterslide from the upper floor, which plunges into a 360° infinity pool. Everything in the penthouse is worth your attention, from multiple floors, a huge balcony, and five kitchens to opulent bedrooms.

8. Four Fairfield Pond – $250 Million (Ira Rennert)

This property is built in a 63-acres area and comprises lavishly architectured 29 bedrooms, 39 bathrooms, three swimming pools, and a vast dining room. Apart from this, there are two squash courts, a bowling alley, a theatre, two tennis courts, and a basketball court for the residents.

9.  Palazzo Di Amore – $195 Million (Jeff Greene)

This mansion deserves to be on this list for its impressive architecture, with lavishly constructed bedrooms, 25 bathrooms, a 50-seat movie theatre, a bowling alley, a laser light system, a revolving dance floor, and a DJ booth. This house is basically a dream for anyone who likes luxury.

10. The One – $141 Million (Nile Niami)

The One in Bel Air is a lavishly-built home that is twice the size of the White House. This mansion is beautifully designed with 26-foot ceilings, 21 luxurious bedrooms, 42 bathrooms, and multiple kitchens, and has a space to accommodate 30 cars. Also present are five swimming pools, a home gym, a salon, a bowling alley, a nightclub, and a theatre making it a luxurious abode to reside.


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