Top 10 events that could end the world

Here are the Top 10 events that could

end the world!

1. Giant Meteor

If a giant meteor was to fall through the sky and onto the Earth, life as we know i would end pretty quickly. It would result in the formation of a massive dust cloud and the rubble that would be created would prevent the sun rays from entering the Earth’s atmosphere. The vegetation would die within a short period of time and a brand-new ice age would begin.

2. Global Epidemic

Every year, a new strain of flu is discovered. It never ends: if not chicken flu, then bird flu, and if that doesn’t work, then swine flu or the covid-19. It is not difficult to predict that a virus may be found in the near future that may completely wipe out the human race with no vaccine.

3. Super Volcano

Super volcanoes calderas like the one in Yellowstone National Park might be very dangerous. According to data, the last time this supervolcano erupted was 640,000 years ago. It erupts every 600,000 years. Therefore, it goes without saying that the next eruption is long overdue.

4. Human Error

Humans are imperfect beings who constantly make mistakes. Take military or nuclear weapons of mass devastation as an example. These weapons either have codes or buttons that instruct humans not to press them. One mistake and a long chain of disasters will be unleashed onto the world and life on Earth would end.

5. Earth’s Magnetic Field

The magnetic field of the Earth protects it from the harmful effects of solar winds. However, this shield will soon deteriorate completely. The last time this magnetic field reversed was 780,000 years ago, according to research, which states that it does so every 250,000 years. Therefore, this too is overdue. Naturally, life on Earth would end very quickly without this shield.

6. Global Warming

This theory has already been investigated countless times. Extreme human activity is causing damage to the ozone layer, which protects the surface of the Earth from the Sun’s harmful UV rays. This has resulted in climatic changes which will ultimately melt the glaciers completely and allow Mother Nature to end life on Earth.

7. Solar Flares

According to scientists, the sun has sunspots and is currently releasing solar flares that are highly dangerous over the long run. The particles that are consequently discharged hit the Earth very often and the intensity is increasing as we speak. These scientists also say that the Sun will soon release a massive solar flare which will burn each and every human within a few seconds.

8. Aliens

Alien creature has a message for humans. Grey kind humanoid from an other planet portrait series.

Some people may find this hypothesis hilarious, but aliens might always come to Earth from Venus or Mars and wipe out all life as we know it.

9. Expansion

Just like an expansion led to the formation of the universe, a reversal of the same activity could end life on it as well or a black hole could swallow our surroundings and create a vacuum.

10. Cosmic Shock Wave

There are new galaxies and stars which explode and become a part of the solar system. The theory here is that the energy that is released will eventually accumulate and create a shock wave, ending life on Earth.


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