Peanut Butter vs. Nutella

Perhaps you are aware of the debate between that sweet hazelnut cocoa spread we call Nutella and the delicious creamy peanut butter spread known as peanut butter. We are going to take a walk through what they are, their nutritional values, and what you can use each one for.

Nutrition and Texture

The texture between Nutella and creamy peanut butter is very similar. Both are easy to spread and are thick. Their nutritional values are quite different between the two, however.

Nutella, depending on if you buy the name brand or a store brand, has around two hundred calories per two tablespoons, while peanut butter, depending on the brand, ranges from one hundred eighty calories to two hundred and ten calories for every two tablespoons. 


The taste between the lovely hazelnut spread and peanut butter is different as well. Nutella has a creamy, hazelnut combined with chocolate flavor.

Compared to peanut butter which has a peanut flavor mixed with the sweet and savory that is iconic to peanut butter alone. 


Peanut butter and Nutella have similar usages for the delicious spreads. Most common, they are used as a topping for toast, pancakes, and waffles.

Peanut butter is also used in baking, where Nutella is not commonly found in baked goods, although there is no reason why it could not be used this way. 


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