List of Most Popular Sports In The World

Here are the top ten most watched sports on Earth, along with where they are most popular and where their fan bases are located. 

 1. Soccer / Football

With 3.5 billion fans, Soccer is the most popular watched sports worldwide. It is played and enthusiastically followed throughout Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas. Soccer’s great popularity extends beyond the professional level, with over 265 million people participating and more than 5 million referees officiating matches, making it a true worldwide phenomenon.

2. Cricket

With an estimated fan base of 2.5 billion people, this sport is widely popular in India, Pakistan, and Australia. The sport has a large popularity in Asia, Australia, and the United Kingdom, with the International Cricket Council (ICC) recognizing 125 countries that play cricket. Cricket’s unique combination of history and excitement has made it a cultural icon in many regions of the world.

3. Field Hockey

Although underappreciated in certain areas, field hockey has a committed fan base of 2 billion people. Field hockey is a popular sport in Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia, known for its fast-paced action and technical skill. It also has a prominent presence in the Olympic Games, which strengthens its global significance.

4. Tennis

Tennis is often recognized as the world’s most popular individual sport, with an estimated 1 billion viewers. Its appeal transcends continents, with Europe, Asia, and the Americas serving as its principal strongholds. Tennis captivates fans with dramatic matches and features some of the world’s most skilled athletes competing on the most prestigious platforms.

5. Volleyball

Volleyball, which originated in America, is projected to have 900 million fans worldwide. The sport is popular in Europe, Australia, Asia, and the Americas, and can be played inside or outdoors. Volleyball is becoming increasingly popular across the world, with over 220 associated national federations registered with the Fédération International de Volleyball (FIVB).

6. Table Tennis

With an estimated fan base of 850 million, this indoor activity is gaining popularity globally. Table tennis is popular in schools, social groups, and sports facilities all over the world, attracting players from Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas. Its fast-paced and skilled character attracts people of various ages and backgrounds.

7. Baseball 

It has achieved international prominence, especially in Japan, despite its historical popularity in America. The sport has an estimated 500 million fans and is known for its distinct combination of strategy, talent, and tradition.

8. Golf

Golf is a popular activity for millions, with an estimated fan base of 450 million people. The sport’s appeal is genuinely global, with fans in Europe, Asia, America, and Canada enjoying both its serene and competitive sides. Golf draws people of various ability levels, from casual players to devoted pros.

9. Basketball

With over 400 million supporters, basketball is a beloved sport in America. It is played both recreationally and in formal contests, and great athletes including Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant have helped to boost its global appeal.

10. American Football

With an estimated 400 million fans, American football is gaining popularity globally. Its explosive action and tactical gameplay have attracted viewers around the world.


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