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How to tell if someone likes you?

They may act a bit awkward around you

Who doesn’t get a bit tongue-tied around a crush? “Someone who secretly has feelings for you may act shy or awkward around you and be unsure how to act,” Dr. Hafeez says.

Positive young European woman carries red textbook, points at awkward bearded man in white shirt who

They compliment you often

This might seem like an obvious indicator that someone has feelings for you, but their compliments go beyond appearance. They make cute comments about your sense of humor, your confidence, or even small things like your neat, cursive-like handwriting.

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They get a little jealous

Jealousy is a normal feeling, as long as it doesn’t cross into red flag behavior. “If they comment when you mention someone else or get jealous about you hanging out with someone else, this is typically a sign they have feelings for you,” Dr. Hafeez explains.

Irritated angry jealous young female being discontent as her bearded boyfriend speaks with unknown p

They ask questions

Ok, so they’re probably not asking if you believe in love or what you look for in a partner, but they’re asking questions that help them get to know you better. They’re curious and want to know how your math test went or what your spring break plans are.

When your crush turns into your coworker. Shot of a happy young couple working from home.

They remember the details

“They will always remember basic things like your favorite food or your birthday,” Dr. Hafeez says. Even if you just mentioned this information once or twice, they take note. Did you make an absentminded comment on Friday about watching that new Netflix movie over the weekend? They’ll probably ask you about it on Monday.

They want to spend time with you

Whether it’s choosing to partner up together for a school project, or asking to hit up Chipotle after school, this person is going to try and find ways to spend time with you.

“They will be consistent when communicating and follow through on plans they made with you,” Dr. Hafeez says. It might not be as obvious as a date, but it’s quality time together that they initiate.

They listen

If you’re unsure if your crush is into you or only being nice, this sign is a big one. If someone is only making polite conversation, they might not remember that you love Daisy Jones and the Six or are worried about your driver’s test tomorrow. But someone who’s into you will always actively listen.

They make eye contact

You instantly feel more connected when making eye contact with someone. You know that they’re paying attention and listening, and not distracted by texts, notifications, or announcements over the school loudspeaker.

Asian couple make eye contact, show love and happiness in honeymoon trip in Thailand

They can’t help but smile around you

They might also blush a little bit and laugh at your jokes. They even try to make you laugh and smile with a hilarious meme, funny TikTok, or inside joke just between the two of you.


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