How To Teleport?

How To Teleport?

We have 3 types of teleportation: Physical teleportation, Mental teleportation, and Virtual teleportation.

1. Physical teleportation


Requires extracting your body material from place A to place B with a device like the following video but with a bigger cabin (the place in the device used for keeping the object or the person that we want to teleport) And the results would be like this video:

2. Mental teleportation

Mental Telepathy

Doesn’t require your body instead requires your unconscious mind to travel through space and/or time. You mentally teleport when both you and your friend see each other in the exact dream in one night in the exact time. (The dreams should 100% match each other) For experiment you should ask your friend about the first part of the dream then you tell the second part then he/ she tells the third part then you tell the fourth part. The more exact the dreams were the higher possibility for mental teleportation.

3. Virtual teleportation

Requires a tiny unnoticeable camera with the ability to record voice as well as taking videos. Put that camera in the place you want to teleport and use a software in your computer or smartphone to watch it.

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