How to respond to what’s up?

1. Just the usual, and you?

Let’s begin with the simplest response, “Just the usual, and you?” This shows that you want to lead the conversation and are interested in doing so.

Lucas: Hey, what’s up?
Mary: Work and assignments as usual. You tell?
Lucas: I’m also busy with the same things.

2. Having a great day, what about you?

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“Having a great day, and you?” is a cheerful but welcoming response to “what’s up.” This shows your positive attitude and want to learn about the other person’s day.

Peter: Hey, what’s up? What have you been doing?
Angela: Hello. Thank you so much; I’m having a great day! And you?  

3. Same old, same old.

Everyone isn’t always happy, and that’s okay. Use the response “same old, same old” if you’re feeling uninspired or simply don’t feel like saying much.

Daniel: Hello, Marcel. How are you?
Marcel: Oh, Daniel, it’s the same old, same old. And you?

4. Ah, can’t complain.

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Ah, can’t complain is another acceptable response to the question “what’s up.”

This shows that you’re not in a very upbeat mood, however, there’s no unnecessary complaining from your side either. It means things can be better, you are handling your situation well.

Steve: Hey, Valerie! What’s up?
Valerie: Umm hey! Ah, can’t complain. I guess all is well. 

5. Living the dream, you?

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Let’s end this list on a positive note by adding a positive response to your knowledge for, “What’s up?”

Khabib: Hey, Avery. What’s up? All good?
Avery: Hey, Khabib. Just living the dream, you?
Khabib: All good on my side too.


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