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How To Know That We Are in Love?

You’re happy and just a little bit nervous.

The thought of spending time with your partner really excites you and makes you happy, and looking at the dozens of selfies you took together is enough to put a cheesy smile on your face.

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Everything feels new and exciting.

You’re excited to do things you’ve already done a million times before, because it’s with your partner this time. They’re the first ones you think of when you see a romantic movie preview or when you’re planning to make a trip to Chipotle.

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Your relationship feels easy.

Being with your partner isn’t constant hard work. You don’t have to struggle to find time to spend with them because you simply want to.

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This person is on your mind all the time.

You might have a sudden thought to call them because you haven’t chatted in a few hours. Or, maybe, you go into a clothing store with the intention of buying something for yourself, and then end up buying something for your partner, too.

Woman buying clothes at the fashion store with boyfriend

You get just a little jealous.

Jealousy is a normal human emotion,” Dr. Peck says.

“As long as jealousy does not turn into controlling behavior and abuse, it can be a sign that you care about the person,” Dr. Peck adds. “After all, one sign of falling in love is wanting that person ‘to yourself’ and feeling more and more like you want them to be ‘yours.’

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You become more affectionate towards them.

You’re of course attracted to your partner, so it’s only natural that you want to physically show signs of affection often. Whether it’s simply holding hands or turning your cuddling into an intense make-out session, when you’re in love, you consistently want to be affectionate towards your second half.

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You want to bring them around your family and friends.

When you’re really into your relationship, you want them to know the other important people in your life — such as your family and close friends — so they can be a part of those relationships, too.

Family meeting in cafe

You start feeling a sense of empathy towards your partner.

Feeling empathy towards your partner also makes you want to make tiny sacrifices for them, like getting up and going to the store for some soup and medicine when they’re sick. Small things like that are easy to do for the person you love.

Girlfriend Treating Sick Boyfriend Giving Medicine Sitting On Couch Indoor

You want to know everything about them.

No detail is too small when it comes to your person. You want to know everything, from their favorite childhood television show to what’s on their bucket list. You crave the nights where you stay up all night talking over text, or cozy date nights that involve deep conversation and connection.

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You’re becoming a better person.

Being with your second half makes you want to improve yourself in some way, whether it’s setting new goals or having a more positive attitude.

A better me is coming

You start planning for the future.

Once you do recognize true feelings of love, you know that you don’t want to let them go any time soon, if ever. So, you start to include them in your future adventures, whether it’s going on vacation or figuring out your plan after graduation.

Making plans for the future


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