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How To Know If Your Dog Is Pregnant?

1. Appetite Changes

A dog that suddenly modifies its appetite, either eating more or less than usual, might be pregnant. The increased appetite may be because the canine has more mouths to feed. However, if she eats less, it is probably because she feels nauseous. This nausea is common during the initial weeks of pregnancy.

Also, the pregnant dog will have a decreased appetite in the final hours before she gives birth. Owners of dogs should consult their veterinarian regarding how to cater to their pregnant dogs. The vet can help enhance food portions because more calories can benefit both the mother and the developing puppies.

2. Decreased Energy

Keep an eye out for abrupt changes in your dog’s behavior, as this decrease in activity is a potential sign that a dog is pregnant. Pregnant dogs can suddenly lose energy when they get pregnant due to the stress that pregnancy puts on a female dog’s hormones.

A pregnant dog may exhibit weariness and lethargy, which usually start around week two of pregnancy. She has less energy and tires more readily than she did before getting pregnant. She could also appear less interested in activities she usually loves, like fetch, and might take more naps than usual.

3. Change in Nipples

A change in a dog’s nipples is among the most typical indicators that the animal is pregnant. Usually, two to three weeks after conception, this shift is visible. The nipples may look slightly larger, pinker, and deeper in color than usual, especially those nearest to the dog’s hind legs.

The milk glands beneath the nipples begin to mature, and the nipples slightly expand in preparation for future breastfeeding and milk production. These modifications appear roughly two weeks after breeding.

4. Weight Gain and Belly Growth

In dogs, weight gain is frequently a symptom of pregnancy. Your dog’s waist and stomach enlarge as the puppies grow because they need more space and nutrients. This weight gain is typical.

Most dogs show signs of pregnancy in the second or third week. Their midsections will seem firmer and more rounded. You can check your dog’s belly to see if there are any puppies there. The puppies will be easier to feel as the pregnancy goes on. In preparation for the puppies’ feeding, your dog’s nipples and mammary glands will also enlarge.

5. Behavioral Changes

You might notice behavioral changes, which you can see as soon as a few days after a complete mating. These changes may appear in various ways, depending on the particular dog’s personality. Some dogs develop increased levels of attachment and clinginess as a result of separation anxiety, while other dogs get irritable and may wish to be left alone.

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